Saturday, December 31, 2011

After Christmas Clearance Finds!

I haven't seen too many good after-Christmas deals; I was hoping to find more holiday foods marked down and I didn't find anything at all at Target. Maybe I'm too frugal...

BUT, I did find 5 rolls of wrapping paper for 50 cents each at Fry's. Score!

THEN, today at Sam's Club, I noticed that the Stouffer's stuffing mix box was priced at $2.01!! It holds 6 packages, so it comes out to just under 34 cents a package, which is the best deal on stuffing I've seen this year. I bought three boxes! It's good until September.

I'm excited because we love to make this recipe, but I'm too cheap to spend $1 or more for a box of stuffing. I've been thinking about making my own stuffing, but I need to buy the spices for it. I don't have sage or poultry seasoning yet.

So, I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled for some good holiday clearance when I got to the stores. I did see some good deals on baking stuff, too at Sams, but couldn't fit it into my budget. Besides, I need to lose some weight for our possible 15th anniversary trip this summer, so the baking stuff should probably stay at the store. :)

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