Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decor, Part 2

This is part two of our Christmas Decor. Again, using what we have to make some holiday cheer.

We have a pop-out in our hall, front room, dining room combo. It's been empty since we got rid of our fish tank.

I asked Jim to pull out an old chest that was given to us that has been sitting in our garage. When Katelyn got home from school, I had her wrap a bunch of empty boxes. She used wrapping paper that I got for free last year (thank you Walgreens!) and some squished bows and old curly ribbon. It was a wonderful project for her and I was thrilled to have her participation and thrilled to let someone else do the work! ;) She wrapped while I made dinner.

Finally, Jim hung the wreath (this one and the one over the mantle were left by the previous tenants!) and I added the stockings (bought at the dollar store last year). All in all, I think it looks great. Now I just hope no thief looks in the window and thinks we have some great stuff to steal. He'll be in for a big surprise!

I couldn't get Justin to stand still for a picture, but I did get a picture of him admiring the music box. Inside the glass are ice skaters that rotate around the snowman. It's fun! My step-mom bought this for us several years ago and the kids love getting it out every year and playing the music.

Well, I've been very talkative today. I did get more stuff done, really!

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  1. Little stinker broke the music box about 2 mins after you took that pic. I'm still mad at him after, like, 2 years.