Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We just spent a nice Christmas Eve.

Our day was spent cleaning! As I told my family, too bad they weren't coming today, cuz the house is clean. I make no guarantees about what it will look like come Monday!!

Then, while we were waiting to leave for our dinner at Red Robin I let the kids unpack the boxes from Jim's parents and bring out our gifts. That was fun. It looks so festive and ready for us tomorrow!

We had a yummy dinner at Red Robin with my dad and step mom. Then we went to their house for a couple of hours and tried to play some games. But, either the game was boring or Justin got an owie or something, so it wasn't all that idyllic. But we tried :)

Headed home and made up a breakfast casserole for tomorrow. I also pulled some Cinnamon Rolls out of the freezer that I had put in awhile back when I made a double batch. They will thaw and rise overnight and tomorrow we will have a nice Christmas breakfast after we open our presents.

Put the kids to bed; they're having a little trouble getting settled, but I think it's just about time for me to go pray and head to bed.

I enjoyed Sis Payan's Christmas post on her blog Bella Rissah. Go check it out and remember to let Christ be the center of everything you do, because He came to save us.

Merry Christmas from the Caldwell Family.

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