Friday, December 23, 2011

I got to be a Christmas Angel

Monday night I got a phone call

"Can you keep a secret?"

Jim and I both start laughing. See I'm terrible about secrets that are of a goofy nature. However, when the rubber meets the road, yes, I can keep a secret.

So, Jim and I are laughing and the person on the other end gets a little worried. So, we explain and ask "What's up?"

Well, it turns out that someone wanted me to play Christmas Angel and deliver a card with unknown contents to a struggling friend!

So, I called my friend and said "I'm coming over" I think I scared her a little

Thursday morning I picked up the card and drove over to my friend's house.

When she answered I said "I was asked to deliver this to you. I don't know who's it's from or what it is, so don't ask me any questions."

She says "That's what this is all about?"

Yup. I was just a little disappointed that they didn't open it right away, but maybe they wanted to wait for privacy or Christmas. :)

But I left with the best feeling and I bet the people/persons who dreamed up this little surprise feel it triple.

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