Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm mean to Justin

Justin has discovered the joys of junk food. And, with all the Christmas baking going on around here, he doesn't quite understand why Mommy won't let him eat all the candy (which includes cookies, etc.)

He's got it down,

"I wan canny!"

This morning he was crying for toffee. I decided that toffee was not a good breakfast for a 1 year old (although it is excellent for a 34 year old!) and was offering him some other options. He has also learned how to say "Bluck" (thank you, Tyler) and he makes a face and pushes the item away.

"Oh well, then," I said.

Jason looked at me "You're mean to Justin, huh, Mom."


On a side note, one of the only thing that has been calming down Justin's little tantrums lately is to hold him up to the fridge and let him look at the picture cards. He'll stand there and point to Esther Garrett "Baby!", and Josiah Lee "Siah!" and he knows Rachel Lee, too, although he doesn't call her anything. He knows who Sis Sara is, too (his Sunday School teacher). He'll look at the other pictures, too, but those seem to be his favorite.

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