Friday, December 23, 2011

The Long Trip: Science Center and Church

Jason and Justin looking at a waterfall

Saturday morning we pulled out of Fresno about 8 a.m. I had read about the California Science Center (free admission, just $10 for parking) and knew that Tyler especially would enjoy it, so we decided that we would head straight there since it was only open until 5 p.m., then we would go to our hotel room.

The drive was uneventful until we reached Los Angeles, then it was just crazy. Have you EVER driven through LA and not had traffic be crazy? Of course, at least one occupant of the van needed to use the restroom, so that made it all the more interesting.

Finally we arrived. The place was beautiful. Besides the California Science Center there were a few other museums there and lots of grassy park areas. I wished we had had more time, but we barely had 2 hours before it closed.

Which turned out to be just the right amount for the Science Center. There was a lot to see, but not a lot that really caught the interest for too long.

It was an interesting combination of the Arizona Science Center with some of the same exhibits, the Children's Museum and an Aquarium. With lots of "Love the Earth" mixed in.

The kids spent the longest amount of time playing in a shallow water basin making rived beds.

I can't get my pictures to move, so they are all out of sequence.

Tyler and Jason playing in the water

Katelyn and Justin looking at the fish
Katelyn, Jason and Tyler playing in the riverbed

Tyler and Jason trying to make an arch. It never did work right.

Katelyn making gak
Tyler showing off his little baggie of gak

Katelyn and Tyler make gak while Jason looks on

The Science Center closed promptly at 5, so we loaded back in the car for the 30 mile drive to our hotel. Which took 1.5 hours due to a small fender bender on the side of the road. When we finally got to our hotel we were tired and hungry.

We loved our hotel room, though. It was at Travelodge Anaheim at Disney Drive. It was an over sized room with two queen beds, plus a sofa bed separated by a half wall. Tyler immediately claimed that part.

The coolest part was that when you turned off all the lights and turned on a black light, the ceiling looked like a starry sky.

This would be our home for five nights.

We had decided that Sunday would be spent in church and I am so glad we did because it was cold and raining! Terrible Disneyland weather. Good weather to go to church :)

We picked Bro Noe Trevino's church.

The Mapquest directions were complicated so we got there just in time. There was a man standing at the entrance to the full parking lot. We stopped and rolled down our window.

"Are you the Hams?", he asked.

"No, we're not. Oh, are the Hams going to be here??"

"Yes, they are preaching today."


Then, when we walked in the usher though we were the Hams, too. So funny.

Church was awesome. Bro Ham is one of my favorite preachers and he was right on target. Such an amazing move of God in both services. I love going to other churches and seeing how God is moving there. Sometimes its so easy to feel like we are the only church, so it's so encouraging to see that the true church is all around.

We also enjoyed seeing the Lonbergers Sunday morning :)

We also discovered that Sizzler is not like Hometown Buffet.

Finally, we headed to bed. The next day was Disneyland!

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