Monday, December 12, 2011

A Match Made In Heaven?

I am babysitting Rachel and Josiah Lee today.

Rachel and Jason get along very well...most of the time. They have a very similar temperament, so things can get a little hairy sometimes. I've often joked that it would be funny if they got married; hopefully they'd mellow each other out! (Bro Lee's probably going "No Way!")

We have a little piano toy that plays music while you pound on the keys. Rachel was so cute. She got a book, opened it up and set it on the piano like it was her music book and she was playing a song. Then Jason played the piano while Rachel sang into her Lincoln Log microphone.

It gave me pause to think that this could be a sign of things to come. What a dynamic duo they would make on the evangelistic field! Especially after Jason preaches and invites people to be baptized. (I need to post the story about Jason's baptismal tank.) (It posted!).

In all seriousness, I love watching God work in my children's lives and wondering what all He has in store for them.

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  1. No kidding! I wholeheartedly second the motion to post the story of the baptismal tank! I look at the picture you sent me often. It never fails to make me smile!!!!! -Amy