Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Missionary; A Mother's Prayer

As we were driving to the Christmas play tonight, we listened to "99.9 The Holiday Station". I have a love-hate relationship with that station.

The "Feed the World" song came on. I sighed and started looking for better options. Finding none, I went back to 99.9.

Katelyn said "Is that the song about Africa?"

"Yes", I sighed.

"I want to be a missionary to Africa some day."

"WHAT! You do??? Are you being serious?"

"Well, I want to be a missionary. Maybe not to Africa, but somewhere. We're reading about missionaries at school right now and it sounds so cool." She starts naming missionaries.

"Oh, Katelyn.."

I'm not sure if I said anything else coherent or not. My eyes were welled up with tears and I have a pain in my heart.

I was so proud, so scared, so touched and all I could think was "Please Lord"

As parents we pray for our children that they will follow God's plan for their lives, that God will lead them and guide them, that they will let God use them whatever way he plans.

I know that Katelyn has talents and I pray that God will use them for his glory. I do not specifically pray that she will be a preacher's wife, because I know that some people are called to be good saints, but just that God will use her in whatever way he wants to.

The thought of her being a missionary doesn't scary me or repel me, I just know that it's not all fun. But she could do it with God's help.

I did tell her that I was going to get a book for her called Kisses From Katie. I haven't read it, only heard about it on blogs, but it immediately came to mind.

I don't know if this will be something that will stick with her forever, or if it's just a passing notion like all the other career choices, but, oh, my heart does rejoice.

Because if she's a missionary, she's living for God! She's saved! She's following God's plan for her life. And that is the core of every mother's prayer for her baby:

Oh, Lord, have your way. Save my babies!


  1. Awwww thats AWESOME!!! I'm gettin that book for Christmas from my sister!!! EXCEPT i'm totally NOT supposed to know...LOL!!! Thats an awesome aspiration and that song always makes me CRY!!!

  2. Mary, you have a wonderful heart for the African people. :) Let me know what you think of the book and if I should let my 11 year old read it.