Monday, January 16, 2012

Bro Burbank

We have a man in our church who has taken a special interest in Tyler. His name is Bro Burbank. He always stops to talk to Tyler, has taught Tyler and Katelyn has to do "thumb wars" and, generally, is one of the few people who has successfully pushed past Tyler's barriers and made Tyler befriend him. Bro Burbank often comes over to pray with Tyler and believes with us that God has special things planned for Tyler.

Bro Burbank can often be seen at church praying with children. God has given him a special burden for the innocent hearts. His gentle but fervent prayers have helped led several children right to the throne, receiving the Holy Ghost.

Bro Burbank came up to me before our foot-washing and communion service last night and said that God had given him a "revelation that Tyler was going to receive the Holy Ghost."

Tears filled my eyes. I've been praying this week "Lord, I don't care if you don't do anything else for Tyler, no healings, no deliverance. But, please, Lord, save my son. Let him desire you and receive the Holy Ghost."

I so appreciated Bro Burbank's words of faith and encouragement. I know that at the moment watching Tyler in church is watching someone who shows absolutely no interest in spiritual things. But I believe that the day will come when that barrier will melt away and those tender feelings that Tyler has locked away will be exposed again and he'll surrender himself to the Lord. It may not be for awhile yet, but it will come.

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