Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chewing on...well...not chewing

Last night Pastor "treached" about fasting and gave points about why we fast and what it means to fast.

I'm still chewing on a lot of what he said. Here are some highlights that are currently in my head:

  • Fasting is not strong-arming God, "God, you must do this for me!" Instead, it's softening our hearts, minds and spirits to say "Okay, God, not my will but thy will. I'm ready to let you work instead of telling you how to do it. I'm ready to be changed so that you can work."
  • Fast according to your need. If you have little need, then fast a little. If you have great need, then fast greatly.
  • Bizarre behavior is a spirit. And these things come out only by prayer and fasting.
  • And finally, fasting doesn't mean that God is going to do a miracle right then and there. His answer might still be "wait". But, again, fasting prepares you to receive what God does have planned for you and helps you to accept the grace and the strength if you do need to wait.

Oh, I needed to hear that one!!! Because I couldn't help sitting there thinking "But, God, the thing that I need to fast about this year is the exact same thing that I fasted about last year! Nothing has changed! Did I do something wrong?"

No. Maybe the miracle last year was not the healing, but the learning, the growing and stretching, the humility, the knowledge that I need God more than ever before, a marriage that is stronger, tears that come easier.

The tears flowed when Pastor stated that last point. So simple, but so profound.

So, I will be setting my face to fast next week. Due to pregnancy and nursing, I haven't done a complete fast of more than one day in five years so I'm setting my goal for a minimum three days. I know it won't be easy, but God will help.

I will be praying that God will heal my boy and bring peace to our home.

I will also be praying for my sister-in-law, Gina, who is currently in the hospital having trouble with her donated kidney.

I will be praying for my family members, for salvation, restoration, and healing.

I'm ready, Lord, I'm so ready.

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