Monday, January 2, 2012

God healed Jason's arm

Yesterday when I went to pick the boys up from nursery, I found Jason sitting quietly on a chair, cradling his right arm, hand around his wrist.

The nursery workers told me that he had been favoring his arm all morning, but no one could pinpoint an occasion when he had hurt his arm.

When Jason saw me, he began to cry about his hurt arm.

I was worried. I admit, I tend to be a "run to the emergency room first and think about it later" kind of person. My husband is just the opposite, so when I asked him if we should take Jason in for x-rays, he said "Wait."

Jason held his arm all the way home. He did fall asleep in the van, though, so we decided that we would see what he did when he woke up. Which turned out to be as soon as Jim tried to pull him out of the van.

Jason set to crying and carrying on again. I was very worried and we prepared to take him to get checked out.

Then, all of the sudden, Jason stopped crying, hopped down and went running off. He was fine. He never cradled his arm again or held his wrist.

I believe that God healed him.

And what amazes me even more is that we never stopped and said a specific prayer for him. Just in my mind I know that I continued a chant of "Jesus, Please Lord, Jesus" the whole time. And I think Jim said "Oh, Jesus" one time out loud. I'm sure he was praying in his head, too.

And that was all it took. Just breathing the name of Jesus and He was right there.

I'm also reminded of the time that we took Katelyn to Phoenix Children's because she had fallen at school and was exhibiting symptoms of a concussion and possibly a broken knuckle or two. We were very worried, as was the medical personnel. The doctor was in talking with us and I remember her asking me "Is this normal behavior for her?" and I responded that it was not and the doctor got that concerned look on her face. Then, suddenly, like someone flipped a switch, Katelyn was fine. The doctor tried to explain it away, but I know that God healed my baby.

He is so faithful.

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