Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Great, How Great!

I am SOOOOO excited to share this post!

Okay, so today was Jubilee service at our church. This is when all of our branch works come together for one big service. Usually it's at another location, but today is was at our church. Due to lack of space, Pastor had all of the children go to a separate children's church outside

Jim decided to stay outside with Katelyn and Tyler.

He told me that at the beginning of the service Bro Morey asked who needed the Holy Ghost. Tyler raised his hand (wow!). Then Bro Morey asked who WANTED the Holy Ghost. Tyler raised his hand (triple WOW!!!!!) I think this is the first time that Tyler has ever acknowledged his need or desire for the Holy Ghost.

Tyler thoroughly enjoyed the children's service. They did puppet shows and lots of fun stuff. Bro Luckenbaugh preached a powerful message about needing the Holy Ghost. But, when altar service was announced, Tyler had to use the rest room.

He did come back, though, and stood with Jim in the back, watching.

Then, Bro Luckenbaugh told everyone who still needed the Holy Ghost to come forward. Jim said that Bro L said "Come on, Tyler." Jim let Tyler go on up ahead of him as Jim was holding Justin by that time.

Amy Gardner and Sis Tabla said that when Tyler got up there that he lifted up his hands and started to pray (Tyler just told me that he did not do this). He got spooked when people started praying with him, however, and stopped, so by the time Jim got to him, he was just standing there again.

Tyler was very excited about fun service, though. And I'm so excited about Tyler's response. I was telling all the nursery workers about it. Then, I was like "I've got to go tell Bro Burbank!!!"

This is a HUGE baby step for Tyler. I am so excited to see God working on him. Jim and I have really made some changes and are putting lots of effort into our children right now and I believe that we are going to see the fruit very soon. Not just in Tyler, but Jason and Justin and Katelyn, too.

I'm considering starting to take Tyler to chapel on Thursdays. It would be a challenge, but well worth it.

I believe that God is working and it is only a matter of time before I get to post that Tyler got the Holy Ghost!

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  1. You said, "It would be a challenge", I think those are the best kind that God specifies in because if it wasn't a challenge or if we didn't need a miracle, what would we be praying for. It sounds like the waters are troubled, Sister, jump in and get Blessed.
    Woohoo!! That's girl country-talk for Amen!