Monday, January 2, 2012

Making that money stretch in the kitchen

When I went to Sam's club on Saturday, I picked up a package of thighs for 90 cents a pound. The package had 15 thighs in it, so two meals of oven fried chicken.

But, I'm going to stretch the meat out at least two more meals. See, my kids don't do a very good job of eating all of the chicken off of the bones, and these were big thighs. So, after dinner, I collected all of the leftover chicken bones and tossed them into a pot of water. Boiled them for about an hour. Drained the water (if I was really good I'd save the liquid and make chicken broth here, sigh) and plucked all of the meat off the bone. I got about a cup to a cup and a half of chicken meat, which I will use to make chicken and rice soup. The soup gives us a good meal's worth, plus leftovers and because I put in a lot of vegetables, we don't need a lot of chicken, just enough.

I also took out the rest of the ham that I cooked while my family was here and cut as much off as I could of that. I put two handfuls of ham into each bag and got four bags worth. There was still a lot of meat on the bone, so I'm soaking some pinto beans in my new Christmas present oval crockpot right now and will make ham and beans for dinner tomorrow. With homemade tortillas ;)

Little things like this is what helps us to keep the grocery budget down. I try to use up everything and not waste. It's a constant thing, I have to think about it and do it, and as displayed by the example above not 100%. But it's so worth it.

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