Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing the laundry room

Beginning the new year, I am endeavoring to spend at least 15 minutes a day decluttering and spring-cleaning a specific area of the house. I started with the laundry room because it was the place that was driving me crazy at the moment.

I have a good sized laundry room. It includes my washer and dryer, two cabinets above them, all which are directly across from the door, plus a floor to ceiling shelving system to the right of the door, perpendicular to the washer and dryer.

This shelving system has a waist high counter that I just love and I call it my "office". It holds my coupons, sales flyers and my recipes. However, it quickly becomes a catch-all as the sales flyers quickly add up, the recipes get scattered and everything that doesn't have a home gets piled on top. It's very easy to open the laundry room door, toss the item on the counter and shut the door.

So, I cleared off the counter again. Now I am working on organizing my recipes, which are a mess right now. I've tried various ways of organizing and haven't hit on a great one yet, but here's what I'm doing right now:

My recipes were currently being filed in a Quaker Oats box. I kid you not. It was impossible to find a specific recipe quickly. So, I went through them and threw out the ones that are not favorites. Then, I seperated the recipes out into categories: chicken, beef, meatless, etc.

I have two binders that I've used in the past that were currently empty (it's a long story), so I dusted those off and put them into use again. All of my "cooking" recipes went into one folder and all of my "baking" recipes went into another. I couldn't find any divider in my mess of supplies (another place that will see a decluttering soon) but I did find manila folders. I cut them in half and holed punched them, then wrote the category on the tab. So now I have a binder that has a divider that says "chicken" then all of my chicken recipes, followed by a divider that says "beef", etc.

I love it!

Now to go through all the recipes that I have printed off or torn out of a magazine, decide which ones really have potential, and MAKE THEM!

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