Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Precious Conversations

This afternoon Jason and I had precious conversation in the van on the way to pick Katelyn up from school.

It started with Jason asking me what I was going to pray for at prayer meeting that night.

I responded that I was going to pray that he gets the Holy Ghost.


So that you can be saved and go to Heaven. So that you can love Jesus with all of your heart.


Then I can go in the baptize. (That's what he calls the baptismal tank)

That's right.

Then Jason started talking and asking a bunch of questions about being baptized. Not the whys, he knows that already, more like the hows. Sometimes it was hard to understand, but it was something like this:

After I get the Holy Ghost, I'll go in the baptize. I'll need to go see what it looks like. What does it look like?

Kinda like the pool.

Yeah, it has water, huh? What color is the tank?

I'm not sure; I think it's blue.

Pastor doesn't get in the water with us, right?

No, he stands next to the tank. Only you will get in the water.

And I'll get wet, huh? And I'll have to tell my dad to get me because I'll be all soaking wet and I will need a towel. And you'll be there, and Tyler, and Justin, and Katelyn.

Then he tapered off for a while.

Then he says Pastor has a lot of stuff at his house, huh?

Um, maybe...?

He probably has lots of toys. For his kids.

Yes, I'm sure he does.


  1. Hilarious! Rachel just asked Sunday afternoon on the way home "where is Pastor?" We said, "he's at home probably", she said "where's his house?", we said "not too far from ours". Next thing we knew she said "I go to pastor's house, k?" I said why? She said "cause' he's got toys". My interest was piqued, so I said "are you sure?" to which she responded with a list of toys he has....including baby dolls =) LOL, so funny

    1. LOL. Makes me wonder what exactly they are hearing when he talks?

  2. Ha ha they actually do have a whole room of toys! lol and Sis. Garrett has porcelein dolls everywhere (idk if they count as baby dolls?)

    1. I told that to Jason and he got a big smile and twinkling eyes.