Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Random Tidbits

1. Katelyn is sick. Poor thing. She has strep throat and what the doctor thinks is chicken pox! Can you believe it? She's been vaccinated, but he said that a small percentage of people will still get the virus, just in a milder form. It just happened today, so we caught it fast. He wants us to call tomorrow and report on the spots and he'll make a final diagnosis based on her condition then. Dr was surprised that she had strep AND chicken pox, but said it wasn't impossible. He did say that the rash could be strep related, but the rash doesn't look like a typical strep rash. Poor thing. It's all over her body. Plus a fever. She's miserable.

2. When we had family devotions today Jim asked if I had any more sermons to share from my Bible reading. Lol. I told him that I didn't have any sermons at the moment as I had just read Joshua 11-15 and I think it takes someone with a bit more, um, experience maybe, to create a sermon out of a list of boundaries.

I did tell him that I am so enjoying my Bible reading plan and am thrilled that I've stayed on track for almost three weeks now. I'm actually looking forward to my daily Bible reading. I love the jumping around each day because it helps me get through the harder parts knowing that I have another week before I need to work through that book again.

Most days I only have 2-4 chapters that I have to read, but for some reason Prophecy is 5-6 chapters at a time. And, Prophecy day is Friday. We've had revival the past two Fridays, so I haven't been able to finish all of the reading on that specific day. I've had to stretch is out over Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But, I got it done and I understood a good portion of it. I have a Women's Study Bible, New King James Version, that has a lot of commentary in it, so I've been keeping that open while I read my KJV Bible so that I can read the commentary if I need to.

I just read Romans 5-6 and enjoyed reading and understanding that. My chapter 5 summary was that while one man, Adam, brought sin into this world, one man, Jesus, brought redemption from sin. Chapter 6 spoke to me about the need for Holiness, a new life in Christ.

Now I'm headed to go read some Beautiful in God's Eyes before going to bed.

"Give me the Word!"

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