Friday, January 6, 2012

Why did I keep THAT recipe??

Do you ever go through your old recipes and wonder Why on earth did I keep this recipe?

Today's project was to go through an old recipe binder that I had filled years ago. Actually, the binder started out as a good idea; it was kind of a cookbook journal that would be passed down to my children. I typed up all of our favorite recipes, one per page, and I also tried to include little tidbits about the recipe, like how I came upon the recipe, or how much we loved it, or what we were doing the day that we ate it.

However, somewhere along the line I stopped vetting the recipes as well, or maybe our tastes have changed/matured, or I'm not using as much processed foods anymore? I don't know. But as I went through the binder today, so many recipes made my stomach turn. Blech, why did I keep this recipe???

Into the garbage went 75% of the recipes. (don't worry, I have it all saved on a disk, so I didn't lose the commentary).

I also have stuffed a bunch of "to-try" loose recipes into the front flap of the binder. That was fun to go through. I kept about 60% of those recipes. Coupled with the recipes that I selected out of the old Taste of Home magazines that I bought recently, I think I need to make two resolutions: 1) to make at least two new recipes every week until I've tried them all, and 2) no new recipes until I've tried them all. Hmm, not sure if I can do that one. I love searching

So, after this break I'm going to divide up the recipes by category and file them so they will be easy to find. Can't wait to make my menu plan and grocery list for after the fast. Anyone else always tend eat really well after the fast? I have noticed over the years that I usually make really big, full course meals the first few weeks. Funny.

Can y'all tell that I like food?

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