Monday, February 27, 2012

Thoughts From Matthew 11

Some thoughts from today's Bible reading:

"Then began he to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works were done, because they repented not;" Matthew 11:20

I immediately thought about our church when I read this. I believe Valley Pentecostal Church could be described as a place wherein many great and mighty works are done. Yet we have many that still don't repent. They are sitting in our revival right now and haven't moved a muscle. Or they are backsliders who have already gone away.

The Lord continues: "Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgement, than for you." verses 21-22

Oh, I do not want the Lord to say "Woe unto you, Jennifer! if the miracles that I performed for your family had been done for another family, they would have giving up everything and served me with all of their hearts. But because you were lukewarm, because you sat in church and were unmoved, because you listened to so much preaching and felt me move so many times that you became immune and just yawned rather than travailed or worshiped, I'm going to "spew you out of my mouth"."

Heavenly Father, help me to served you according to your excellent greatness, according to your mighty acts!

I Just Don't Get It.

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Yesterday morning I overheard a conversation that just left me shaking my head and thinking "I just don't get it."

Girl 1 tells Girl 2 about a recent trip to the Anthem outlets and how Coach was having a great sale.

Then she pulls out her new purse and they gush over it.

It was a little purse with an adjustable strap (smaller than the one in the picture up there). Typical Coach styling.

Girl 2 asks how much the purse cost.

Girl 1 says "Well, it's originally $200, but it was on sale for $59!"

They both walk out exclaiming over what a great deal it was.

I'm thinking to myself "$59! For a purse?!?! It's not even big enough to hold a diaper, much less a sippy cup, water bottle, wipes container, wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, Bible, some paper, crayons....Seriously??And it's not even that cute!"

I'm not a big fan of the Coach design (sshhh, don't tell anyone).

I just don't get it.

Even if I did like the style, I just can't fathom spending $59 on a purse. And I wonder who paid $200 for the purse. Maybe I've just been frugal too long, or thinking about providing for four kids has caused my brain to think in Savers and Goodwill values. But even when I was single I wouldn't have spent that much money on a purse.

I just don't get it.

And my husband is thankful for it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I Wanna Be Just Like You!

The other day Justin was disciplining his bear.

He shook his finger in its face; "No, no, no!"

Then he turned the bear over and spanked it on the bottom several times.

I didn't know whether to be worried or proud!


I sent a text to some family and friends sharing the story and Amy responded "Oh, definitely proud!"

I said "Yeah, proof that I discipline my kids."

She responded "Yep, no spoilt kids 'round heah!"

I said "Yup, now every time my kids cry, I look around for Bro Green!"

Now, if you weren't in Sunday School last Sunday morning and you missed Bro Green's lesson, this probably isn't nearly as funny to you as it was to us. Bro Green taught an awesome parenting lesson, and in typical Bro Green fashion, he had us all rolling with laughter, while managing to make some significant points along the way. If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to get the CD.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I *heart* Sam's Club

I am not a Sam's Club affiliate or anything like that; I just want to share something with you that has made my life soooo much easier. Perhaps, if you're in the same stage of life that I am or something similar, it might help you, too.

Ok, remember this post about the bulk purchasing that I do now? Well, most everything that I buy comes from Sam's Club. First, their annual membership is cheaper than Costco by about $10. Second, they have more normal stuff than Costco, like brown sugar. Costco is more trendy with all its healthy, organic stuff.

Third, Sams Club has Click and Pull!!!!!

I love Click and Pull.

Basically you go to the Sam's Club website and shop online, putting all of the stuff that you need to buy into your shopping cart. Then you check out. During this time, you select when you are going to go to Sam's Club and pick up all your items. The soonest time is the next morning after 9 am. Then you confirm and you're done.

You don't even have to pay until you actually pick up your items!

Then you go to Sam's Club and tell them you're here to pick up your order. They have already selected everything and have it waiting in a shopping cart for you. You pay and go!

The service is free, folks, free!!!

This has been wonderful because I can make out my menu, list the items that I need to buy, then go to the Sam's Club website and start shopping. It keeps a running total so if I start to get too close to my budgeted amount I know that I have to make some decisions. When I confirm my order and send it to Sam's Club, I know exactly how much I will be paying for my groceries. Sure beats walking around with a pen and paper, not to mention three boys!, or getting to the checkout and praying you guestimated right.

It has been such a time saver and a sanity saver. Check it out!

Little bit of Spam

Ok, folks, this is a spam post. Sorry!!

PS I used Swagbucks to find this picture

I'm excited because I just bought Katelyn 4 uniform shirts and I only paid $16!

Wow! What a great deal!

Yup, I found this deal on Amazon, and was able to knock $10 off the price because I had two $5 Amazon gift cards that I earned just by using Swagbucks for my search engine.

Search & Win

The short version is that you click here to go to Swagbucks and sign up. Then, every time you do a search online, instead of using Google, you use the Swagbucks search engine. This is really easy if you install their toolbar, because then you just type the phrase into the little box at the top of your screen, just like Google.

Then, while searching, you'll randomly be awarded Swagbucks, ranging from 1-lots. You rack these bucks up and redeem them for gift cards. I usually just do the $5 Amazon gift card for 450 bucks, but they have Starbucks gift cards and other stuff, too.

I usually earn three $5 gift cards every two months, just doing my normal searching. I save them until I need them, like just now when I ordered Katelyn new shirts.

So, if you're interested, sign up and install the toolbar and earn. And, if you use my link, I get some extra Swagbucks, too.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

Ok, I'm done spamming you (for now!)

*Not sure why this post is making the homepage show only one post, but whatever!