Thursday, February 2, 2012

Food solves all problems

I think food is my love language. I really have to be careful or I'm gonna be 400 lbs. I'm also a stress eater. Yeah, I know, Mom.

Yesterday was not a good day. I hate seeing my little girl looking so miserable (she has the chicken pox, no thanks to the vaccine she got! AND strep throat. Yup, a crazy combination). She's in the "I'm bored" phase, so every few minutes is "Mooooooom!"

Jason and Justin were/are clingy and cranky. Which of course makes me wonder if they are getting sick, worry, worry.

Tyler was fine, unless one of the boys touched his Legos: "Tyler, how many times have I told you to keep those in your room?!?"

And I had a muscle cramp. And I have one of those "it's almost time" feelings.

This morning I didn't want to do anything. But, the boys woke up going 100 miles an hour and when I walked out of my room past Katelyn, she was up and ready to go. So much for a quiet, ease-into-it morning.

So I sent Katelyn to go take a bath while I stripped and remade her bed. Tossed the dirty sheets into the washer. Turned on the computer for Jason (usually I'm the one who sits at the computer first thing, with my glass of iced tea, waking up). Changed Justin's diaper. Got dressed. Made eggs and toast for breakfast (Katelyn finally decided she wanted to eat). Switched out the washer and drier.

Jason was still playing on the computer, so I decided to just bite the bullet and get busy with my day. Our frozen breakfast options were getting low, Jim had finished the last of his burritos and we needed a savory something for afternoon snack.

So, I whipped up a double batch of Cinnamon Streusel Coffecake. I'm going to cut them into squares, flash freeze them, then bag and freeze. Then Jim can grab one for his breakfast in the morning.

While that was cooking I put the ingredients for a batch and a half of Soft Italian Breadsticks into the bread machine and got that going.

Then I mixed up Rice and Lentil Casserole, except I used white rice, and taco seasoning instead of Italian seasoning. That went into the oven when the coffeecakes were done and it baking right now. When they are done, the breadsticks will be rising in the warm kitchen and ready to get baking. The lentils and rice will be wrapped into tortillas and froze for Jim's lunches.

I also pulled a bag of frozen sweet potatoes out of the freezer and if I have time I'll make a round of muffins.

I also noticed that our stash of cookies is getting low, but I can assign that to Tyler or just wait :)

In case you're wondering, we are also fully loaded with 33 cents/lb apples, 24 cents/lb bananas, 88 cents/lb grapes, and a package of baby carrots :)

Now that I've accomplished this much and taking a break with my computer and a piece of coffeecake, I'm ready for the next challenge.

Ah, food!

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