Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday, Tyler!

Ten years ago today, my first born son was born.

Tyler James Caldwell

I love this boy. He's been a joy. He's been a challenge. He's caused me to laugh until my sides hurt; he's caused me to pray until my very being ached.

He's been in the hospital more times and had more surgeries than my other three kids combined. He's the only kid who's broken a bone.

He can put a Lego set together faster than fast. He can tell you facts about Super Mario Brothers that you never even wondered about.

He told someone at church last night, "Tomorrow I'm going to be a decade old."

Pastor Garrett announced his birthday Sunday morning. He said "Happy birthday, Tyler. We love you! Tall, handsome, and ten. Yeah, that checks out."

We are going to Chuck E Cheese's tonight for a birthday party with the boys from his Social Skills class.