Sunday, February 12, 2012

"I Got a Really BIG Holy Ghost!"

Would be wrong or prideful of me to say that Jason has always been spiritually minded, even though he is but a little child?

He is my child who makes baptismal tanks, talks often about when he is going to get the Holy Ghost and get baptized, asks me for a hankie so that he can pray, loves to sing and just told Justin yesterday "Let's go play church!" He is very attentive to Sunday school, and I attribute a lot of his teaching to Sis Mantooth, Sis Sarah, Sis Janessa and Sis Meghan.

This morning when altar service was called Jason told Jim "I want to go down there." Jim said "Are you going to pray?" Jason assured him that he would.

So they went down to the altar and knelt down by the altar bench. Jason put his head down on the bench and began to repent. After about five/ten minutes, Jim encouraged Jason to raise his hands. Jason began to cry out to the Lord and weep. He prayed fervently for quite some time. I'd like to thank Bro Garcia and others that helped pray with him.

We are not 100% sure if he got the Holy Ghost, but he is claiming that he did. He told me later at home "I got a really big Holy Ghost!" We are not discouraging him in any way, just assuring him that he needs to renew the Holy Ghost daily, and we know that there will be no doubt when he does get it for sure.

He is already planning to go down to the altar tonight!

I'm so thankful to the Lord for this miracle. I just weep every time I think about it. God never fails!! Never, never, never!

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