Friday, February 24, 2012

I Wanna Be Just Like You!

The other day Justin was disciplining his bear.

He shook his finger in its face; "No, no, no!"

Then he turned the bear over and spanked it on the bottom several times.

I didn't know whether to be worried or proud!


I sent a text to some family and friends sharing the story and Amy responded "Oh, definitely proud!"

I said "Yeah, proof that I discipline my kids."

She responded "Yep, no spoilt kids 'round heah!"

I said "Yup, now every time my kids cry, I look around for Bro Green!"

Now, if you weren't in Sunday School last Sunday morning and you missed Bro Green's lesson, this probably isn't nearly as funny to you as it was to us. Bro Green taught an awesome parenting lesson, and in typical Bro Green fashion, he had us all rolling with laughter, while managing to make some significant points along the way. If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to get the CD.

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