Friday, February 17, 2012

The Long Trip: Disneyland stories

Some of our memories:

One of the best things that happened while at Disneyland was the second day. It was early evening, just starting to get dark. We were walking around in Fantasyland. All of the sudden, we ran into Bro and Sister Brian Jones, currently pastors in Bryan, Texas! It was so fun to get to talk to them for a few minutes. Turns out that they were staying in Southern California to preach for Bro White and attend his anniversary services. Sis Jones said that someone had given them free tickets to Disneyland, they and their two children.

Bro and Sis Jones are special people to us because they were our youth pastor and wife when we were young people in Modesto, California. Sis Jones helped me with my wedding. And she was our choir director. I can still hear Bro Jones singing "I feel the rain, I feel the rain..." during song service. This couple is "for real". They've been through one of the worst things a parent can endure and they are still standing strong for the Lord.

Running into them at Disneyland was so cool


Jim and Katelyn wanted to ride on Splash Mountain. When we got there, however, it was closed for repairs. When we asked how long it would be, the attendant just shrugged. We were just turning around to leave when they opened it up. Jim and Katelyn jumped into line and got right in! The littles and I rode Winnie the Pooh while they did that.


Jim overheard someone say the Space Mountain had malfunctioned and that some people where stuck on the ride for over 15 minutes. I said "Can you imagine if that had been Tyler? Stuck on a ride in the dark?" Jim said that surely they would have turned on the lights, but still.


Jason was scared stiff of the characters. On one hand, it was great because we didn't have to take any time to stop and get pictures or anything, but on the other hand, it was a pain because he freaked out about the parade and the World of Color show. He buried his face in my neck and refused to look at anything. The last night he did a little better with the parade as we were able to watch it while sitting on a bench in front of the Matterhorn. Tyler, Jim and Katelyn rode the Matterhorn two or three times in a row, in the dark, while we watched the parade.

This fear of Jason's led to the worst part of our trip and threatened to ruin the whole thing. On the third day, Jason didn't want to go back to Disneyland (Note: three days might be too much for some kids). The park didn't open until 10, and when we got there we were starving; we had had enough of the pastries and cereal at the hotel breakfast. So we decided to go straight to Tomorrowland, which was the only place we hadn't visited yet, and eat at the Tomorrowland Terrace. When we got there, the Jedi Academy training was going on. When Jason saw the characters dressed in black and white jedi costumes, he flipped out. Screaming and crying. Jim went to order while I took Jason around the corner where he couldn't see the characters, but he continued to scream and cry for quite some time. If I remember correctly, Justin started crying about something, too, and Katelyn and Tyler got attitudes. Jim said "Remember how you wanted to cry because you were so happy to bring the kids to Disneyland? Well, right now I want to cry because I paid so much money and they are all crying!" Thankfully, everyone got calmed down and the rest of the day was a lot of fun.


On the second day, for whatever reason, Tyler needed some down time. Jim took him back to the hotel for about six hours, leaving me with Katelyn, Jason and Justin. That day we were doing California Adventure, so we headed over to Bug Land. Katelyn was such a wonderful help to me with the littles. I surely did miss Jim, though. It gave me pause to wonder what life would be like without him permanently (sob).

Katelyn wanted to see the Aladdin show, so we headed over there at the appointed time. Jason freaked out when we sat down in the theater. I was dearly hoping he would calm down and enjoy the show because Justin was sleeping and I wanted to rest, so I kept telling him "Just stay until it starts. Then, if you don't like it, I'll take you out."

Well, wouldn't you know that the very first scene is a scary one and Jason just flipped out. I didn't want to leave sleeping Justin with Katelyn in case he woke up, and I didn't want to make Katelyn miss the show because she's been so good about everything, so I hauled them both out as fast as I could.

Wouldn't you know that they were doing a street show right in front of the theater at that exact time. So, Jason continues to freak while I try to locate the stroller, get Justin into it without waking him up and get us all somewhere away from the street show.

Unfortunately, the only place to go was in front of the Tower of Terror, so we sat there and waited. And of course, that was the street shows exit site, so they all walked by us as they exited. Poor Jason.

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