Friday, February 17, 2012

The Long Trip: Wedding!

Thursday morning we packed up the van yet again and drove north to Modesto. It was time for my brother, Jordan's wedding!!
The wedding party

Katelyn was a junior bridesmaid and Jason was a junior groomsman, so we had to go to the rehearsal on Thursday night. Jim, Justin and Tyler stayed at Grandma Brenda's house.

The rehearsal itself was pretty typical. For me, I enjoyed seeing my mom; my uncle, aunt, and cousins; and some old "family-that's-not-really-family-anymore". I also got to re-meet Gina, having only met her once before.

The plan for Katelyn and Jason was that they were going to walk down together (they had paired all of the "little" kids with a big kid that they knew so that they would be more likely to behave), the first right after the parents were seated. After they walked up the platform steps, they were supposed to seperate, Jason going to the right, Katelyn to the left. Then they were supposed to stand there while the rest of the processional occurred.

I was very uncomfortable with this as I just didn't see Jason standing there like a good boy all by himself. Especially later that night when Jason got a fever. I was ready to just pull him out of the wedding all together. But we decided to try it and also that I would quietly take Jason off the platform once Gina had walked in.

The next day was Friday. The wedding was scheduled for 6 that night. The day passed in a blur of last minute dress alterations, a quick trip to Micheal's for a card trunk, lunch at the Golden Corral with family, then rushing to get ready and be at the church by 4:30. It was pouring down rain, so Jordan decided to postpone the wedding 30 minutes, to 6:30. So we had two hours to kill. Somehow we did :) I did enjoy seeing some old church friends that we hadn't seen in over five years.

Finally the wedding started. I sent Jason to walk down the aisle with Katelyn and I retreated to the other side of the church so that I could get to my second row seat and be prepared to get Jason off the platform at the right time.

Jason and Katelyn walked down nice and sweetly. I heard from many people later that they all knew that I was there when they saw Katelyn because she looked just like me. :)
Jason and Katelyn walking down the aisle

Jason and Katelyn walked up the platform steps and Katelyn let go of Jason's hand to separate. Jason did not like the idea of going away from Katelyn, so he cried "No, I don't want to go over there" and ran after Katelyn. She tried to shoo him away, but Jordan quickly told her "It's okay!". So Jason stood on the girls' side for the rest of the processional.

That meant that I had to get up and walk all the way around the back of the church to the other side so that I could get him off of the platform from that side. But I did and it went fine. Everyone was watching the beautiful bride, so no one even noticed.

The wedding was beautiful. One funny part was the while doing the vows, the pastor asked Gina if she would take Jason to be her husband. Gina just busted up laughing, completely lost it. Everyone else started laughing to. The funniest part was that the pastor just went with it. He turned to Jordan and said "Excuse me, do I have the right man. May I see some ID, please?" It was hilarious and added just the right touch of humor to a serious occasion.

I'm so proud of my brother and his wife. Purity rang clear and true at their wedding and it was beautiful.
All of Jordan's family that was in attendance
Jordan's immediate family (My mom, me and my family, Jordan's dad, Jordan's sister and her family)

After the wedding, my wonderful mother-in-law took my boys so that I could go to the reception and not have to worry about them. I am so thankful to her for doing this because it was such a blessing to me and Jim. We got to sit back and enjoy family without having to worry about tired and cranky little ones.

The last day, Saturday, was spent with family again, then we packed up and got ready to leave early Sunday morning.

Due to noisy neighbors and a sick, restless child, we wound up leaving at 3 in the morning. Got home about 4 in the afternoon. So good to be home, but what a great trip!

Wedding Photos by rojo foto designs. See more here

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