Saturday, February 4, 2012


Just wait.

But, honey, this makes sense! $670 is less than $900!

Just wait.


Just wait.

Sigh. Okay.

Submission is hard some times. Especially when you think you know the answer.

Thank the Lord for a patient husband who knows how many times that I've been so right, only to be so wrong. How many times we've just waited and everything turned out right.

Thank the Lord for his patience when we run ahead of His will, thinking we know the right way, only to be wrong. Thank the Lord for his gentle whisper "Wait" and how waiting on the Lord always turns out right.

So, I will swallow my argument and wait, because I trust the man that God has given me, I respect the man that God has given me, and I know that the Lord will lead us the right way.

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