Monday, March 26, 2012

Courting and Dating

Jim and I have ideas about how we want dating and courting to look for our children, but we haven't set forth specific rules as of yet. I do think we need to make our expectations clear soon though, so there will be no confusion when the time comes.

I loved this post from Raising Olives about what dating and courting will potentially look like for their children as this mirrors a lot of what we hope for ours.

I loved this paragraph from a book I just finished reading: She squeezed his hand, and he wanted to hug her right there, but too many people would see, and he would do nothing to mar her reputation. Even if rules of courting were all but gone in these more modern times, he'd rather follow the old ones and be safe. (p. 277, Winter Promises, Martha Rogers) Funny thing, "these more modern times" were 1890!

That's exactly how we feel. This world has so relaxed the rules of dating and courting to such that anything goes, public displays of affection are uninhibited, much less what happens in private!, and dating is often divorce practice, as Pastor put it the other day.

I want better for my children. I love it when we attend a wedding and know that the "you may kiss the bride kiss" is their very first kiss. Such purity. Such innocence. Such safety. Give me to old ways.

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