Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today is Jason's 4th birthday!

This little guy is such a miracle. There was a time in our lives when we thought that we would never be in a position, financially, spiritually, physically, to ever have another child. I yearned for two more children, but it seemed like that yearning would not be met. I am so amazed by God's mighty hand and how he truly did restore unto our family the things that the locust had eaten. I am so blessed to be the stay-at-home mother of FOUR children now, and Jason was a major part of the restoration process.

Jason has been learning about birthday parties from his older siblings, so there was no way that I could get by this year without giving him a party. So we invited a handful of his friends from church to come over to our house for a casual party after prayer last night.

We had playdough for the kids to play with, coloring pages and crayons, balloons thrown around the playroom for them to kick, and bubbles to blow on the back porch. It was a lot of fun for them without requiring too much effort from me (you know I'm not the crafty mom type).

We served nachos, Sis Katie Heuer brought a fruit salad, and Sis Hannah Lee brought jello salad.

I made a two layer funfetti cake (still have half left!). Here is Jason getting ready to blow out his candles.

Sis Teresa Sesma brought cake pops. She's in the cake pop making business and is ready to take your order. I can vouch that her cake pops are delicious!

Jason received a t-ball set from the Heuers.

He received a working drill set from the Lees.

And a cars playdough set from the Kashs.We had a wonderful time of food and fellowship and we stayed up way to late talking. But it was good for us all :) We don't do it nearly enough. Thanks to our good friends for helping make Jason's little party special.

This morning I was making breakfast when Jason stumbled out of bed and to the lazyboy. Jim quietly went into the garage and brought back a brand new bike, which he casually set down on the floor and just left. It was funny to watch Jason slowly wake up and realize that there was a new bike for him! We teased him a little that the bike was only for a little boy who was turning four today and did he know anyone who fit that criteria. Finally we left him alone and next thing I knew, he was on the bike.

We went to my dad's for dinner after church. He got some money from then and also from his Caldwell grandparents. Jim used the money to buy Jason the new cowboy boots that he's been begging for. I'm not sure where he got it into his head that he wanted boots, although lots of the boys are wearing them now, but he kept saying it for quite some time. Finally Jim took him to Saba's and got him some spiffy boots. He loves wearing them.



  1. Awww. looks like fun! But - one criticism: If you have cake left over, you didn't cut the pieces big enough. hahaha. JK. Happy one year older, Jason!