Friday, March 2, 2012

Science Fair

Katelyn and her board.
For her 3D item, she built a Lincoln Log house and covered it with snow.
She had Lego guys outside making a snowman.

Last night was the Annual GCA Science Fair.

This is such a fun night. Each student does some kind of science related project/experiment and displays them for viewing and voting. Some of the high schoolers, especially, really go all out. Last night there was a flying fiery lantern and fireworks, just to name the most spectacular. Lots of other good stuff, too.

Katelyn's class had to do a board on a storm. Katelyn choose to do Snowstorms. The board had to be decorated nicely, include at least 8 facts, some charts, and a 3D object. We spent $33 on her board and a snow kit (which Tyler is currently playing with). She decorated it all herself and did most everything else herself, too.

She did not win an award this year, but she showed very well. I'm so proud of her!
Katelyn giving her presentation to the judges

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