Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Typical Conversation with Jason

I was ironing tonight's church clothes while having the following conversation with Jason, who will be four on Sunday, btw:

I'm gonna get an iron when I get big. I'm gonna iron the clothes for the mommy. I'm gonna get a baby.

Right now?

No, when I get big! Do I have to get married to get a baby?

Yes, you need to get married first.

Okay, I'm gonna get married.

Right now?

No, when I get big. Me and Justin aren't big yet.

(Picks up a hanky lying on my side table.) I'm gonna get hankies when I'm big because I'm gonna be the daddy. And I'll make the offering. Maybe I'll get an iphone when I get big. I'm gonna wear a tie tonight.

(Side note: every stop to think about what technology might be like when OUR kids are adults? Scary.)


  1. Hahahahaha!!!!! that is sooo funny!

  2. Love the little one's conversations. They really make you think, ya know? ;)