Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cooking with my boys

Justin stirs the dry ingredients, carefully
 The littles and I have had a busy food-related day!  First, I made french toast for breakfast this morning.  I actually started it yesterday by baking a loaf of bread in my bread machine.  I toasted the entire loaf and froze the leftovers for easy breakfasts this week.

After a quick run to the store for fruit, cheese, eggs, and peanut butter, we got busy in the kitchen again.  First up was a batch of Granola Bars.  The boys love helping me add the ingredients, stir, and use the mixer.  It's hard for me to give up that control because I really just want to get it done, but as you can see, the boys really enjoy it and we're creating memories!
Jason uses the mixer

And, by the time I was ready to start the next project, they had gotten bored and wandered away.  So, I was on my own for the brownies and the pumpkin bread.

Now I'm taking a break.  Don't anyone even try to tell me that there's nothing to eat!

Yum!  We love to lick the beaters!

My boys don't stay dressed for long.  Jason decided that he wanted to wear an apron like Mommy.  Tyler took this picture, which is why it's wonky.


  1. Love the "wonky" picture!!!
    And making food with the beaters is great fun! I wholeheartedly agree with "the littles"! lol.

  2. Tyler that is a great wonky picture. I take pictures on the angle like that, too, but now I know what it's called. A wonky picture. We get to laugh together. And Jason and Justin are making me hungry for a granola bar. I'll be right back I am gonna run to get some. Hahaha