Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas

On Wednesday night, Joshua Tarpley came over to spend the night with Tyler.  This little guy is a dream, let me tell you.

We were eating dinner and quizzing Joshua about his food likes (he has no dislikes, apparently!), amazed by his love of food, which is not something that my children have.

Katelyn asked him if he even liked meatloaf (horror of horrors)

Joshua responded that he sure did.

Katelyn revved up the drama and said "What?!?  You're crazy.  You are not from my universe!"

To which Joshua calmly replied....

"I'm from Texas."


  1. Not only is he from Texas, he also comes from a long line of really good cooks. They even make Jello taste like a delicacy. Okay, I'm with Joshua on this, Katelyn, I like meatloaf, too. But, I don't eat it very often.

  2. JELLO???????!!!! GROSS! no way can ANYONE make jello taste good

  3. Honey, you need to try Sis. Cash's Jello. We went to a minister's dinner once and everyone kept going back for the Jello until the bowl was completely empty. When she moved here, she knew I loved it that she made me some. It is her own special recipe, dear. If I tell you what she put in it you will think, "Eww, grr-ossss!!", well, I did too until I took a bite and that was it I was hooked. But that is the only time I eat Jello, if it is Sis. Cash's Jello.

    Love you,
    Sister Payan

  4. Whoo-hoo! Good answer Josh! hahahahaha! I'm such a curious person by nature and so I love trying new foods. If you go to the Wakefield's In Mexico website you will see that they are always trying out new foods. The latest was chicken feet. I have to admit, I was not even tempted to try it but...maybe fried, I would! Come on, Katie, girl, get wild and live a little! hahaha! Aren't you even a LITTLE bit curious what different tastes would be like??? I don't understand you. Are you sure we share the same birthday? heeheehee

    1. I love their blog! Soooo gross!

    2. Yes,I'm sure,unless Mom's hiding something

    3. Dear Katie,
      I found a blog on Jello fruit roll-ups they probably made Jello taste wonderful, right? try this and tell me what you think.