Monday, April 16, 2012

Phoenix Zoo with Grandparents

Kate and her daddy with their favorite animal
 Jim's parents came into town this weekend.  We have so enjoyed having them here.  Today we all played hookey and went to the Phoenix Zoo.  Field trip, right?

We did about half of the zoo before everyone pooped out.  Jason and Tyler were very anxious to see monkeys, so they really enjoyed the Monkey Walk exhibit.  You can actually walk into the cage and be with the monkeys.  Some of the monkeys were right next to us!  They were the little ones, spider monkeys, I think?  At one point, Jason squatted down and just watched the little monkey for a long time.  It was so cute!
A Pearl of Great Price

Tyler the Turtle! Aloha, Tyler!

Mom!  The alligator wants my apple!

Tyler wrestles with an angry oyster

Tyler on the John Deere

Mom, take this picture so I can send it to Sis. Luckenbaugh!

There is a petting zoo where you can get a brush and brush the goats.  I was shocked that Jason went in and brushed the goat considering that he was scared stiff of the animals that were safely in their cages.  Later we went to a window where you could look in on a cow.  The cow turned its head right then and was inches from Jason.  He freaked!

Katelyn and Jason brush a goat

Justin brushes a goat

Jim with his parents

Jim Sr, Brenda, Jim Jr. and Katelyn


  1. of great price? how much do i cost?

  2. Sweetie, that means you are priceless and you are so much value. And isn't it so?

    Sister Payan