Monday, May 14, 2012

Daily Themes Draft

Monday:  Weekend Recovery.  The day will simply be spent getting the house back into shape from the weekend, catching up on laundry, resting, unstructured fun and 1 hour of reading in the afternoon.  Play a family game after dinner.

Tuesday:  Family Time.  This will be a time for art projects, silliness, etc in the morning before we get ready for church in the afternoon.

Wednesday:  Produce Run, Grocery list and "Bit of Schooling".  Run to Walmart for produce, etc.  Make grocery list for next cycle, teaching the kids the process.  Have Katelyn and Tyler write a book or a skit.  Do a preschool activity with Jason and Justin

Thursday:  Run around day.  Rotating shopping or library.

Friday:  Family Time.  Repeat of Tuesday morning.

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