Friday, May 4, 2012

Doing the Potty Dance

"Justin went peepee in the potty!  Justin went peepee in the potty!" as we clap our hands and shout enough to make any Pentecostal proud.

I've learned enough through my parenting years to know that we are still a long ways from being potty-trained.   Three seems to be the magical age for my children and I've learned that trying to force it before does absolutely no good. 

We seem to do well with casual learning and exploring, allowing the child access to the potty chair and underwear, but not forcing anything.  Eventually, the desire to be completely potty trained takes over and we make the transition smoothly.  Only after the child is "potty trained" do they get "in trouble" for accidents.

So, I'm sure that we still have a while yet of diaper purchases.  Oh, but the end is near and it's looking sweet!

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