Thursday, May 3, 2012

Red Light, Green Light

You might remember this post where I shared a little about the jumble that goes through my mind when I consider options for Tyler.

Well, when my mom was here for Christmas, she advised me to send in the application for DDD and let God do the rest.  That made sense, so I did.

It took awhile for DDD to get all of the paperwork that they needed from the doctors.

I was praying about it and told the Lord that I wasn't going to call DDD for an update, but if they called me, then I would go forward with setting up an interview.

The guy called the next day.


Our interview was last Friday.  Six days ago.  It was farely short.  Tyler and I went to the DDD offices and met with the intake person who asked Tyler a few questions, asked me a few questions, spent a lot of time looking at Tyler then writing things down behind the cover of his hand, then explained the process to us.

The process was that he would submit all of our paperwork and his interview results to his medical director.  The medical director would make the decision to approve or deny Tyler for DDD services.  Then, the application would be sent to Arizona Long Term Care, who would conduct their own interview and make their own decisions.  Because DDD is broke, the only way Tyler will ever see anything actually done is if AZLTC approves him for services.

Again, I just said Okay, Lord, whatever your will is, open or close the doors.  As Pastors says "I'll go forward until I see a red light."

So, today, a mere six days after our interview (when has the government ever worked that fast???) I got a call from Tyler's DDD Service Coordinator wanting to know when she could come out to the house, meet Tyler and talk with us about service options. 

I said "Wait, back up.  Are you saying that he's been approved for DDD?"

She said that he was approved for DDD, we are still waiting for the AZLTC process.

So, I guess we are going forward.  This looks like a huge green light to me.

Part of me is scared stiff.  Part of me is excited about the possibilities.  I want the best for my son and I do believe that God is saying to go forward.

As always, please continue to pray for us.  Thanks!


  1. don't know what DDD is. a health benefits company? Sounds quite invasive if they have to come into YOUR HOUSE to do the interview/service options which may really be just an "evaluation"...Will pray that God helps you make the all the right decisions. Good luck!

    1. Department of Developmental Disabilities. The government.

      Yeah, it's invasive. And, yes, its all evaluation. They want to see how Tyler reacts, responds, etc.

      And, yes, that does scare me. How much control am I willing to give up?

    2. I hid in my room with the door locked and the key in my room :)