Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer fun list

I spent my work time this afternoon searching online for summer fun ideas.  This is what I've come up with so far.  Thanks to the various websites I was on, too many to name.

Make our own game
·         Plain sitting down bible quizzing
·         Make large stand-on squares
o   These squares can have “things to do” on them, like “jump 5 times”
o   Can also play with the squares without the bible quizzing.  Sky’s the limit
Scavenger hunts, themed or not
Write and put on a play
Write and illustrate a book
Make sugar cookies with cookie cutters and frosting
Play “hide the item”
Do Science experiments, lots on my pinterest boards
Make a tent and have a picnic; indoor camping
Play the games that we have (novel idea!)
Cash in our report cards for Chuck E Cheese tokens; check out other options (I have this pinned, I think)
Invite a friend over
Invite a friend over for dinner, plan it and do it; play restaurant; be hospitable
Water balloons
Check out “college for kids” for cheap classes (estrella, Glendale, etc)
Check out the library activity schedule
Make an indoor obstacle course
Check out the classes at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns
Organize our photos
Go to the art museum on free Wednesday
Big puzzles
Buy plain white sneakers and paint and decorate them (would have to be super cheap)
Make paper plate hats
Play the bucket game using sandpails, boxes, etc, like the bowling game at Chuck E Cheese
Make water dropper art with vinegar and food coloring and a pan of baking soda
Make a living room race trace with masking tape.  Go all over the place
Paint wooden frames, etc
Make an indoor bowling alley
Play balloon tennis with paper plate paddles
**I’m using some of these ideas to make my own Summer Olympics complete with awards.  I think we’ll invite some friends over, too.
Indoor Hopscotch with tape and pillows
Paper Plate Hop
Shaving Cream painting
Make Art Collages, themed
Make a rainbow sensory rice table and play in it with beach toys
I repined a “10 favorite boys activities” list that I need to go through
Paper plate ring toss
Water piñatas
Play restaurant
Listen to or read online books
Let the kids do the grocery list (pre-printed), shop online and cook


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