Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

I always get stressed at summertime because I know my kids will drive me and each other crazy if they are too bored.  Yet, overscheduling doesn't work either.  Striving to find the balance.

This year should be fun because we don't have babies anymore.  Justin is becoming a little more agreeable.

I want to do some fusion of weekly-themed summer camps and daily-focus scheduling.

I also want to:
  • get Katelyn more loom lopes, plastic "thingies" and yarn so she can be creative
  • science projects with Tyler
  • take Katelyn and Tyler to the Science center
  • take Jason and Justin to the Children's Museum
  • do a "camping" theme, including a trip to Cabela's
  • do individual dates with the kids
to be continued...

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