Monday, June 18, 2012

And a little child shall lead them...

Justin found his missing microphone, so the boys started playing church.  They sang some songs and did some baptizing and asked lots of questions about the Holy Ghost until I announced that it was time for bed.

Jason informed me that, along with our nightly reading of the Read and Learn Bible, we needed to pray.  Well, who was I to argue?  We haven't been consistent recently, and, you're right,son, we do need to pray!

So, we all prayed together.  The little boys are so funny.  They always insist that they have to have hankies when they pray.  Then they pace back and forth and repeat whatever they hear us say.  But, the Spirit of God fell and we were touched.

Then Jason said "Okay, you're done praying."  Lol.  So we got the Bible and turned to today's story.  It was about Joseph and how he prepared Egypt for the famine.  I wanted to remind everyone about the previous story, so I said "Remember how Joseph was sold and his brothers told his dad that he was dead?"

Jason nodded his head and solemnly said "Yeah.  Poor Joe."  It tickled all of our funny bones!

Then, after I had put the boys to bed, I started my personal prayer time.  The boys came in and insisted that they needed to pray, too.  So I put them to bed with hankies and could hear them in their beds "Oh, God, we love you Jesus, hallelujah."  I just love it.

Like I told Jason tonight, you can get the Holy Ghost anywhere, even in your bed!

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