Monday, June 25, 2012

Crossing it off the list!

Remember about a month ago when I wrote a list of my summer "want-tos"?  I think the buzz word is "bucket list".  Anyway, high on my list was that I wanted to take the older kids to the Arizona Science Center and the younger two to the Children's Museum.

Well, today, we were able to cross those off the list that for a grand total of thirteen dollars (cost of one admission and parking) thanks to culture passes and two weekends.  Culture passes are awesome and FINDING them is like finding treasure, so getting three of them to the places we wanted to go was HUGE.

So many times we think that we are not receiving miracles or blessing, everyone else is.  But God sends these little things to remind us, and if we look for them, we will find them.

I'll post pictures later, but I'm so thankful that, in only about a month, we get to cross that off our list.

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