Friday, June 15, 2012

Enjoying Summer

So, have you noticed a lack of "What I did on my Summer vacation" posts this week?

There's really nothing to report.  We haven't done any projects this week.  We've been very content to just "be".  We did host a Princess House party on Monday, go to the library on Tuesday and go grocery shopping on Thursday, but we haven't felt a need to fill every minute with planned activity.  We may or may not do a project today.

I was thinking about and realized that the same thing seems to happen every summer. Why?  I have come to the conclusion that, when school lets out, kids are still in that "every minute must be planned" school mode, so it takes them a week or two for their minds and bodies to wind down, for them to adjust from having the teacher tell them everything that they must do to being able to think of things themselves.  That's why the first few days of summer we have that structured feeling where mom is planning activities, etc.

Then, after a week or so, or in our case Camp Meeting hits, and the bedtime gets a little mixed up and you begin to wake up later and feel a little more lazy and relaxed.  Kids become more content to sit around and read a book, or make up their own imaginary play.  The house is actually cleaner even though you're home more, so there's more time to sit down and play a card game.  And suddenly you are at the end of Summer and wondering what happened to all those plans you had.

And that's okay!!!  I'm not going to feel guilty for not doing everything on our "summer bucket list" as the popular saying seems to be this year.  I'm going to enjoy relaxing with my children, try to go with the flow and thank God for every moment.

We have been savoring the cooler evenings, enjoying lots of time out at the park.  One day we did water balloons.  Wow, it takes forever to fill up enough balloons for all of us and they were gone so fast!!

But it's been fun.  Tomorrow Jim is taking Katelyn to the Arizona Science Center.  We were able to pick up a culture pass at the library, so he just has to pay for parking.  Jim's never been, so it will be fun for him and good for the two of them to have dad/daughter time.

And we carry on...

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