Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 15th Anniversary!

Katelyn made this for us.  It's beautiful and going on my bedroom wall.
Thursday, June 7 was our 15th anniversary.  We didn't plan much because of the Camp Meeting and our recent house purchase, but Jim did surprise me with a Mocha Coconut Starbucks :)

This song sums it all up :) (please note that I don't advocate country music or Youtube.  This is from our pre-VPC days. I"m sorry if you're offended. Oh, and it's just words.  I didn't know how to imbed just music.)
Love you babe!


  1. Oh! I love that song. Had forgotten all about it. This changes my whole day, thanks!

    1. Oh, good! It really does put a spin on it, eh?

  2. oh my goodness, I totally forot about this song too!!!! LOVE IT! Haven't heard it since being married with kids....has a whole new meaning now =) LOL