Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer days 2 and 3

Katelyn rolls and cuts
 I deliberately didn't plan anything specific for Mondays, thinking that we would use the day to clean the house and rest after a busy weekend.  Apparently the kids don't need to rest, so they were quite anxious to pull a boredom buster.  Ty was thrilled to get "Make cookies with cutters" and that kept them busy for quite some time.

Katelyn did most of the mixing and measuring, rolling and cutting, but they both did a great job decorating.  I didn't have any frosting, nor much powdered sugar, but I did find some marble ice cream toppings that look like nerds, jelly beans, red hots and writing icing, left over from Christmas gingerbread houses and forgotten in the freezer.  They had a blast.

Tyler decorates a bear
 Tuesday's activity was painting.  I attempted to do Handprint caterpillars, but they were mostly happy just to make a mess.

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