Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekly Menu update

So it's been a month since I instituted a rotating weekly menu plan, in which we have the same seven meals every week.

I asked my family the other night what their thoughts and feelings were about it.

Overall, they seem to like it, Tyler especially.  He's getting foods at dinner that he likes and will eat, with the exception of the fried chicken, which surprised me because he used to like it.  However, he is complaining that it's too greasy, so I may need to work on my standard recipe a little.  He did eat it last time, though, after I cut the meat off the bone for him.

He also said he likes getting parmesan noodles twice a week.  I make tettrazini and spaghetti and I save out his cooked noodles so that he can eat them plain.

Unfortunately, the tettrazini is the one dish that everyone else is giving the thumbs down to.  We all like it, just not enough to eat it every week.

But I'm kinda stuck on what to serve in its place.  The tettrazini meat comes from the whole chicken that I serve on Sundays, so I can't afford to insert a different kind of meat.  I could substitute another chicken dish, but there is nothing else that Tyler likes.  I could just continue to make and serve the noodles just for him, but part of the whole point is NOT to serve him (and his little imitator) a different meal.  Ugh!

There are a lot of things that I'm enjoying about this weekly menu plan, and it kinda surprises me.  As much as I love to cook and enjoy trying out new recipes, it has been so nice to just know what I'm going to make, when I'm going to make it, and let that be that.  There's no "hmmm, I don't feel like making that, so what else can I make?", no "oops, I forgot an ingredient to this new recipe", and it really has cut down on eating out because, for the most part I choose quick and easy meals.

Shopping is easier because I have a master list and just check everything off of the list.  It helps me to remember to buy everything.  I have had to adjust some amounts, finding out that we really do go through 4-5 dozen eggs within two weeks, as well as 6-8 lbs of butter.

As usually, the snacks have been a stumbling block, but, really, it's not for lack of food, it's lack of choices, which is something we just have to get over in our minds (especially you-know-who).

I used to be a huge advocate for variety in meals, lots of options, etc, but I am coming to the realization that we really do need to see food as a necessity in life, we eat to live, and not as entertainment.  We seem to constantly be looking for that fun and interesting food, pleasing to our palate, and we bypass the healthy and affordable standbys.  I didn't think so before, but now I'm convinced that it really has made us spoiled.

And don't even get me started on meat.  Ugh.  I would LOVE to serve more meatless meals, but certain people in this house prowl around like I've starved them if they don't have meat on their plates.  So I've compromised and am now serving meat with every meal.  But, they are more "Less Meat" meals.  One whole chicken is stretched into two more meals, chicken soup and tettrazini.  I buy four pounds of ground beef and cut it into six portions, so we get meat in our tacos (mixed with beans), in our spaghetti, and on our tostadas (again, with beans).  The meat is there, they can see it and taste it, it's just not the focal point of the meal.  I'm not serving steak.

So, I will continue on for now.  I am tweeking certain things here and there, but overall we are happy with it.

Oh, and I do stay in budget.  Except for when I have weeks like this one where I have to buy diapers, wipes AND toilet paper.  Oy!  It's gonna be a tight one this time around.  "Justin, what to go pee-pee in the potty?"

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  1. Try not to be too worried about the meat at every may already know this but chicken is a great source of protein, beef is amazing in iron, pork has B-12 in abundance and lots of zinc too. I used to eat a lot of "meatless meals" just because I was never a meat type of person. Then when I was preggo my doctor was concerned with my anemia and I asked him "what do I do?", I was already taking supplemental pills, eating spinach, and eating brocoli by the pound (literally). It was funny because my doctor looked at me and said "go and have a steak for dinner!" Once I got in the habit I was fine. Then when I started changing my diet while trying to lose weight, I found out that it was hard to lose when I missed eating my meats =) Only problem is that meat is expensive! Even though I don't have to buy diapers and wipes because of doing cloth, I am still ready to go and buy some land and get some animals!!!