Friday, July 27, 2012


It's been a busy week here at the Caldwell house.

I haven't been feeling 100%.

Jason puked while I was at the store yesterday (so thankful I wasn't home for that!)

Justin jumped off of my bed while I was in the other room and hurt his foot.  We thought it might be broken, but it's not.  Just a sprain.  He spent two days in the lazy-boy and now walks with a limp.  So funny:  when we have devotions before bed, the boys always want to "sing songs and pray".  They run the aisles around my coffee table while we sing.  So, Wednesday night we sing and Justin makes to start running the aisles.  He realizes that he has a hurt foot, and slows down to a slow limp, one time around.

Took Katelyn grocery shopping last night so we could have some girl-time.  Bought ice cream cones at McDonald's, then tried diligently to not spill them all over the nice interior of the Expedition!

Tyler's been busy seeing how many different ways he can beat his DS game, and figuring out how to do all the glitches.  And denying the fact that school starts in 12 days.

Last Friday I launched my new blog that I'm hoping to grow into a successful part-time endeavor, and I hope to have fun with my kids while doing it!  We've had a few bumps, mostly learning all that pesky HTML, but I'm excited about it.  You can read more about my week by visiting today's installment of "Following the Plan Friday".

Tomorrow I'm hosting a baby shower, so I must go clean and cook.

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