Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching up

Justin is in the "mine" stage right now.  Everything belongs to him and he had it first.

The other day he came out holding a toy that belongs to Jason.  He showed me the toy and then held it to his chest and said "It's mine.  I got it for Christmas!" 

I laughed and said "No, that's Jason's.  He got it for his birthday." 

"Nope.  It's mine."


Justin also copies everything that Jason says.  Jason will come to me and tell me a story and Justin will come and stand right next to him and parrot everything that he says.  It's especially funny when he repeats something that makes absolutely no sense to him!


We have devotions with the kids every night.  Our devotions are very laid back and geared for the younger set, who call it "Sing Songs and Pray!"

The littles like to sing and run the aisles or stand on the coffee table.  Katelyn, of course, joins in the singing.  Tyler usually covers his head and says "No singing!"

One of our favorite song right now is This Little Light of Mine.  We also sing lots of One, One, One, Deep and Wide, I've Got the Joy, I've Got the Holy Ghost, Building Up the Temple, and If You're Happy.

We always end devotions by singing Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children.

After we sing a couple of songs, I quiz the kids on the week's memory verse.  Then I read a story out of the Read and Learn Bible.  Jim prays and then we sing our ending song.


The other night I started devotions by singing Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.

Tyler asked where "over there" was.


Then he asked if there would be "nummies" (good food) there.

I said I didn't know for sure, but that the Bible says it will be the marriage supper of the Lamb.  I then said that I had heard someone (Amy or Sis Tabla?) say one time that it would be so interesting because God would be satisfying all kinds of different tastes since there will be so many different cultures and eating habits represented in Heaven.

Then Tyler wanted to know if he would be able to jump high in Heaven.  The three of us had an interesting, fun discussion about what Heaven will be like, what we know and what we don't know.

I just love when we get to have conversations about spiritual things, whether they are deep and serious, or light-hearted and fun.


So the next morning, we were on our way to school.  Tyler was being a grump so I countered by starting to sing Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.  Really loud.

Tyler yelled "No!  Don't sing that!  Besides, we aren't over there yet!"

"So you don't have to be happy yet?"

"No!  Not yet!" 

He's not going to be happy any sooner than he has to!


The same day  Tyler came to me with his Assignment Page.  He held it up and said "I am not going to read backwards that far!"

I had written 72-29.

That kid is a hoot!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts From The Woman With the Issue of Blood

Last night I read Mark 5:22-43.

This is the story of the healing of Jairus's daughter, and also the healing of the woman with the issue of blood.

Jesus was on his way to Jairus's house to heal his daughter.  While he made his way there, "much people followed him, and thronged him"

In the midst of all of the people was a  "certain woman which had a issue of blood".  She decided that if she could "touch but his clothes" that that would be enough for her to be healed.

She did just that and "straightway" she was healed.

Jesus, in the midst of all of those people, felt her touch him, stopped and inquired of her, spoke to her and blessed her.

Then he continued on his way to Jairus's house, where he healed his daughter.

As I was reading this story, I remembered a conversation that I had with my husband a few months back.

We were on our way home from a wonderful service where God's spirit had moved mightily, a heavy time of faith, healing, deliverance and rejoicing.

I turned to my husband and said "Wow, the Spirit was strong!  I was looking around the church and thinking 'Lord, this church is packed with so many needs.  I don't want you to worry about my little need, tonight, Lord.  Please touch these bigger needs.'  I was weeping and praying for these people and their big huge needs."

Boy, did I sound so spiritual and selfless, or what?

So, it really surprised me when my husband (very gently) rebuked me by quietly saying "Would you limit God?"


Is God's power so limited that he can only heal so many at one time?  Does He have to look around the church and say "Okay, I only have six miracles to give out today, so, hmmm, who looks most worthy?"

Not so.

God is all-powerful.  He is limitless.  

He was on his way to Jairus's house to heal his daughter when he healed the woman with the issue of blood.  The Bible does not tell us specifically whether or not he healed anyone else while on that journey.

However, it does tell us later, in Mark 6:55-56 that "As many as touched him were made whole".  He healed every one that reached out to him.

That brings me to another point:  Don't be put off by the crowd.  Our church is a small building packed with lots of people.  When the altar call is given, we all throng to the front and fill the aisles half-way up the church.  The ushers are trying to stack the chairs as quickly as they can, and, frankly, its easy to lose that fervent feeling when you're shuffling your way down the aisle, trying to get as close as possible.  By the time you come to a stopping point, it's a struggle to pray and you've all but forgotten what it was that you were going to pray about.  Add small kids, and, well, sometimes you think you'd might as well just go home.

But the woman with the issue of blood did not allow herself to be put off.  The Bible says that there was a multitude of people thronging Jesus and I doubt that they were all praying, singing and other spiritually-invoking behavior.  I bet there was a lot of pushing, shoving, name calling, and other non-spiritual attitudes as the crowd made their way down the street.

The woman didn't let that stop her.  She pushed her way closer to Jesus, enduring elbow jabs, shoves, and angry words.  Finally, in the midst of all the craziness, she reached out her hand.  "If I can just touch him."

And, in the middle of all the chaos, Jesus felt her touch.  With all those people thronging him, he was enduring lots of touching, so this wasn't something new.  But, he felt the desperate touch of that woman.

He turned to her, spoke to her, healed her, blessed her.

There have been times, like last Sunday night, when I was so grateful to the preacher for saying "Those of you in the back, come first."  I got to be right in front of the altar, was prayed for by a minister, was blessed and encouraged.

But there have been times when I couldn't get out of my pew.  And I felt frustrated because I couldn't go down to the altar.  I couldn't physically push my way to the front.  But symbolically, I pushed past the hindrances around me and made my way to Jesus.  And God met me at that place, He met my need.
Just as God is not limited to a number, God is not limited to a place.  He's looking for our surrender, our desperation.

So, if you have a need, make your way to Jesus like the woman with the issue of blood.  He is more than able, more than willing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

God Always Knows

God always sends what I need, when I need it.

From a word fitly spoken during a Sunday night service, to finding a blog like this.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Would you help us pray, part 2

Last night Jim and I made the decision to pursue the possibility of enrolling Tyler into Gateway Academy.

Gateway's tuition is $22,500 yearly.  We don't have that kind of money.

Last night I spent time researching scholarships online.

I applied for one last night and just received an email that we have been pre-qualified for a 100% scholarship!

Now, that does not necessarily mean that we will be receiving any money any time soon.

This scholarship committee, APESF, meets monthly to award scholarships.  We missed this month's deadline, I believe, so will be considered next month, I think.

If they have the money, we could be awarded a full 100% scholarship as soon as next month!!  That's a big "IF" though.

My head is spinning.

This is a Scholarship Tuition Organization, which, if you've been around GCA at all, you know that means that people donate money, then receive a tax credit.  So, I'm not going to ask any of you to donate, because I know how important GCA is.

I just want to ask, would you continue to help us pray?

We are going to the school on Friday for a tour.  We looked at pictures online last night and Tyler is open to the possibility, which is huge.

And today was the first day of Connections Academy school, which is what he does currently, and it was rocky to put it lightly.

Please help us pray that if this is the answer that we've been praying for that God will open the doors and remove the obstacles.  Money is nothing when God gets involved.

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Would you help us pray?

Jim and I are praying about the possibility of enrolling Tyler at Gateway Academy.

However, the tuition is much more than we could possibly pay.  I am looking into scholarships.

Would you help us pray that if this would be a good thing for Tyler, as we feel it very well could be, that the doors will open and the funds will be there?

I really feel like this could be an answer to prayers for Tyler's future.

Thanks so much!

Monday, August 6, 2012

What Faith Can Do

Just heard this awesome song that popped up on my Pandora station:

What Faith Can Do, by Kutlass

They are not one of my favorite groups, but I love this song!  Come to find out, it's co-written by Scott Krippayne, who is an awesome song writer.

Anyway, here's the lyrics, and here's the song on Youtube


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Crazy Caldwells

Katelyn tells me that this page has been on her blog for awhile, but I just discovered it yesterday when someone left a comment!

Anyway, I thought it was a wonderful piece of writing.

The Crazy Caldwells