Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Would you help us pray, part 2

Last night Jim and I made the decision to pursue the possibility of enrolling Tyler into Gateway Academy.

Gateway's tuition is $22,500 yearly.  We don't have that kind of money.

Last night I spent time researching scholarships online.

I applied for one last night and just received an email that we have been pre-qualified for a 100% scholarship!

Now, that does not necessarily mean that we will be receiving any money any time soon.

This scholarship committee, APESF, meets monthly to award scholarships.  We missed this month's deadline, I believe, so will be considered next month, I think.

If they have the money, we could be awarded a full 100% scholarship as soon as next month!!  That's a big "IF" though.

My head is spinning.

This is a Scholarship Tuition Organization, which, if you've been around GCA at all, you know that means that people donate money, then receive a tax credit.  So, I'm not going to ask any of you to donate, because I know how important GCA is.

I just want to ask, would you continue to help us pray?

We are going to the school on Friday for a tour.  We looked at pictures online last night and Tyler is open to the possibility, which is huge.

And today was the first day of Connections Academy school, which is what he does currently, and it was rocky to put it lightly.

Please help us pray that if this is the answer that we've been praying for that God will open the doors and remove the obstacles.  Money is nothing when God gets involved.

Thank you so much!

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