Monday, October 1, 2012

Reading a book

I'm reading a book that several people have recommended to me since Tyler's Asperger's diagnosis.

I'm struggling with the book because I don't normally read secular books with language and this one has some, but I'm trying to just skip it so that I can glean whatever it is I'm supposed to from this book.

And, yes, it does have some helpful parts, although, in my opinion, one of the big differences between the author and my son is that the author grew up really fast; he was on his own by fifteen, but my son tends more towards immaturity.  However, the author does give lots of insight to the thought processes of an Aspergian.

What strikes me about this book is the horrible, abusive family that the author came from.  His mother was mentally unstable and his father was a drunk who would routinely beat him.  The author dropped out of high school and was on his own by 15.

I couldn't help drawing comparisons between the author's family life and ours.  I felt a little like Job:  Lord, our family is good, upstanding Christians.  We don't beat our kids, we don't drink or do drugs, we take our kids to the church every single day.  Why is our son suffering from Asperger's?  Shouldn't we be exempt?

But, just like Job, I have to remind myself again and again that just because we are children of God doesn't mean that bad things won't happen to us.  Pastor made a comment the night of School Orientation that we will be seeing even more of these types of diseases (also referring to Downs Syndrome and a protein processing disorder) in the church as the coming of the Lord draws closer.

Also, like Job, I have to remember that God may be allowing this to come because we are His children.  I'm not saying that God and the devil made a deal :), but I will say that my walk with God has grown in the past two years.  It had to.  I can't make it without Him.

It also makes me wonder how Tyler's life will be different because we are a Godly family.  What will he be saved from that he might otherwise have encountered if not for our Christian life?  We may never know.

Another thing that really stands out to me in this story is the sin.  The author was, and still is, brillilant with machines, and he toured with KISS during the 1970's, building their special effects for them.  The drugs, alcohol and immorality he mentions in a remote fashion make my stomach sick.

I was reading a portion of the story to Jim last night, where the author states that he never was tempted by all of that because he hated to lose control of anything, and that was exactly what drugs and alcohol did, and we just nodded our agreement.  Why would anyone want to do that????

Anyway, I'm about half way through this book and it's definitely made me think.  If nothing else, I'm so thankful for our Godly life and the promises that we have through him.  We are not guaranteed a perfect life here on the earth, but we have the promise that every disease, imperfection, disability will be made right when we get to Heaven.

Even so, Lord, come quickly!

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