Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Updates, part 2

Soon after the 504 meeting I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as Vanessa, our 504 advocate.  Let me just sum it up to say:  she is a God-send.  She has a son similar to Tyler, so she understands everything.

One of Vanessa's jobs is to help light my way through the Special Ed maze.  She sets up and facilitates meetings and is my liaison with Connections Academy.

She told me that she would be setting up a meeting with the two of us, Tyler's teacher and the Special Ed coordinator.  The purpose of the meeting would be to first qualify Tyler for Special Ed, then, once qualified, to get him approved for Occupational Therapy.

Vanessa warned me, however, that this was the best case scenario, and that it was more likely that we would be given a time of "studying" where data and case study would be gathered and different techniques would be tried.  (To which I'm thinking:  we've already done that!  But not officially, I guess).  She also cautioned me that we would have to prove that Tyler needed these therapies to help him academically, as the school system will only cover what concerns them.  She said that we may have a hard time with that, since Tyler's grades are very high and he performs strongly on his AIMS testing (90-100th percentile)

Vanessa sent me a form to fill out, a standard "tell us about your child" form.  I had the hardest time filling it out.  I would sit down to do it and just not be able to write anything.  "Why do I have to keep filling out the same forms over and over!"  I know that the forms are all for different places, but it gets wearying to say the same things over and over.  Things I don't want to say!  I just want it all to go away.

But it doesn't.

So, finally, on a Sunday afternoon I sat down and started to fill out the form.  Vanessa had asked me to include anything that I thought was relevant, that would make our case stronger.  I don't know what to say.  So I just started writing, describing life with Tyler.  I wound up writing a whole additional page.  When I was done I sent it to Vanessa with a note saying "Not sure if this is what you wanted, but it's done."

Then we waited for the meeting...

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