Monday, February 4, 2013

February trip to the Science Center

Tyler was blessed with a membership to the Arizona Science Center for Christmas.  So far this year, he's gone on January 1 and February 1.  Maybe we'll go the first of every month, lol.

The trip in January consisted of Tyler, Jim, and Josh Tarpley.  They had a blast, but didn't take any pictures.

Our February trip included all the family except for Jim.  We only stayed two hours.  One nice thing about having a membership and being able to go whenever we want to is that we don't feel like we have to do everything single thing and spend all day there to get our monies worth.  This time we were dealing with sickness and bored little ones (the Science Center is best for kids six and up, I think.)  So, we kept it short.

We had a good time, though.  One favorite place is the Digital World area.  The kids enjoy warping their faces and taking crazy pictures and making crazy recordings.

Our other favorite is Get Charged Up!  It's all about energy.  The kids experience a bed of nails, and the self-pulley was a big hit.  Katelyn wasn't with us here because she was doing a puzzle somewhere else.

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  1. I braved that place today with my kiddos :) we had a good time and even though I don't have a membership we only stayed about 2 hours and it was fine :) we saw everything they wanted to see on all levels and our Tummys were grumbling ;) perfect time to leave :)