Friday, February 22, 2013

Justin Stories

This past Wednesday Justin asked for some hot cocoa.  When I told him we didn't have any he said "Then go buy some at the store."  I told him I couldn't go to the store because I didn't have any money.  He became agitated and told me "Yes, you do have money.  I'll show you" and dragged me to my purse.  He pulled out my wallet and opened it up.  He looked inside and said "Oh, you don't have any dollars!"  I told you!


About two months ago Jason had a bad ear infection.  Well, the doctor thinks he had an ear infection, but we couldn't be quite sure because his ear was so full of ear wax.  So, along with medication, we had to put olive oil in his ears every day until the ear wax broke down.

A few times since then, Jason has complained about an ear ache and we've done the olive oil treatment and it seemed to work.

All that to tell this story:  The boys were sitting next to each other at the table, eating.  They were laughing and joking as kids do.  I'm not sure what prompted it, but Justin put his hand on Jason's forehead and started praying for him.  "I pray for his body, I pray for his head, I pray for his ear wax."  It was hysterical!


We got a new CD a couple of weeks ago, Carman (remember him?) singing classic hymns.  We love it.  We were in the car and O How I Love Jesus came on.  Jason and Justin started singing along (thank you, Sunday School!) and when the song was over, they asked to hear it again.  I just love hearing my kids sing (at a reasonable volumne) the songs of the Lord.


Justin's birthday in March 13.  He will be 3.  I have three goals for him:  kick the apple juice at night habit, get potty trained, and say goodbye to the pacifier.

Well, I am thrilled to say that the juice is gone (much easier than I anticipated), and we are currently potty training with much success!  I was really worried because, even though he started going on the toilet, he still went in his diaper, too, and he told me that he was "going to wear diapers all day long".  I bought him some pull-ups and we saw a little bit of improvement, but it just didn't seem like he was really caring much about it.  I offered to let him wear Jason's underwear, but he wasn't interested.  Finally, he told me that he wanted Toy Story underwear.  So, yesterday/payday, I took him to Target and he picked out his underwear.  As soon as we got home he put them on and he's been wearing underwear since (except for overnight).  He even wore them during nap and on outings.  He did have two accidents:  the first was soon after he started wearing the underwear and I think it was a good cause/effect lesson.  The second was when we had just gotten home from shopping and I was still bringing in the groceries and he just didn't make it in time.  He was so upset.  I'm so proud of him and sooooo looking forward to not buying diapers anymore!

Now, about that paci....

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